New Monthly Flex Spending Graph

Last Updated: Oct 28, 2014 01:57PM EDT

One Number to Rule Them All

We've heard feedback in the last few months that the “How You’re Spending” Graph on the Progress Board was not the optimal tool for you to track your progress, because it displayed a monthly budget, but didn't include your contributions to priority goals.

To fix this, and to address an ongoing ask by our clients (we listen!), we have built a graph to only track your “Flex Spending Number,” as opposed to the entire budget! As our budgeting philosophy is centered around the “one number strategy,” this graph will provide you a way to track your discretionary spending against the target flex spending amount you and your planner set. You can watch our video on the One Number strategy here to get a refresher. Your weekly flex spend target is prominently located on your progress board, and the graph will track your monthly flex spending so that you can observe your progress over time. Our software exists to help YOU achieve your planner's advice.

Before you receive your Action Plan (along with your Weekly Flex Spend Target), you will have a "How You're Spending Graph" that tracks JUST your flex transactions (anything foldered in your flex folders in the Budget), against the flex budget you set for yourself in the Budget tab. If you are on a plan without a Weekly Flex Spend Target, you will always have this graph.


Once you receive your Action Plan, you will unlock the Monthly Flex Spending graph on your dashboard. The budget will change to be set by the Weekly Flex Spending Target agreed upon by you and your planner, and the graph will still be populated by the transactions in your flex folders. The tool tip will explain everything you need to know about reading the graph. The target symbol signifies the month your plan started. See below.

If you're not seeing any graph, this means you haven't linked any accounts, like credit cards or bank accounts, that you use for discretionary spending. Go ahead and link your accounts to start tracking!

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