My account isn't linking or updating

Last Updated: Jan 07, 2015 04:22PM EST
There are a few reasons why your account may not be linking properly. If you haven't already, please try linking your account directly on using a desktop computer as any institutions have additional security questions that may not show up on the mobile app. 

See below for some common troubleshooting tips for linking your account:

1. Make sure you're entering your credentials exactly as you would on your institution's site. We recommend logging into your end site directly to make sure your account is active and can be accessed directly. Then, make sure you're using the exact same username, password, and answers to security questions as on your end site.

2. Make sure you select the correct listing for the institution you're connecting to (e.g., Bank of America - Credit Card vs. Bank of America - Bank vs. Bank of America - Loan). If you have more than one type of account with the same institution, you'll need to link them separately even if you log in with one username and password on your institution's site. This is to give LearnVest permission to display your financial information for those specific accounts.

3. Be sure to answer any additional security questions required by your institution. Sallie Mae, for example, requires that you enter your birthdate. Check to see if there is a scroll bar when entering your credentials that asks you for additional information. 

4. You may need to log in to your end site directly to accept new Terms & Conditions before LearnVest can connect. For example, if you are attempting to connect to Navient, you will first need to log in to Navient and accept terms and conditions on the site directly before connecting the account to LearnVest.

5. Some institutions also require an access code. CapitalOne / ING, for example, requires an access code, which you can generate by following these instructions. ShareBuilder also requires and access code, and you can find instructions here

6. You may be attempting to connect to a broken link. If you are trying to connect to a listing through clicking on an icon in the "Popular Accounts" section of the "Connect Your Accounts" pop-up and the page doesn't load further, try typing the name of your listing into the search field and connecting to the text listing.

7. It's possible that we may not support your institution. Currently we support over 12,500 financial institutions. However, we know that we are still missing a few. While we cannot add individual providers to our set of linked accounts at this time, we will continue to grow the list of institutions we support. Please request your financial institution here. In the meantime, you can use our "add an account manually" feature to manually input the balance of any non-linked accounts, so you can still get a good picture of your net worth today. Learn more about that here.


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