My account linked and updated successfully before, but now it doesn't

Last Updated: Jan 07, 2015 04:20PM EST
If your account linked successfully before, but is no longer updating, it could be for one of the following reasons:

1. There are new terms & conditions you need to accept on your end site. If you are trying to get your Sallie Mae account to update after it became Navient, please log in to Navient directly and accept the terms & conditions. Once you've done that, your account should update properly.

2. There may be new security credentials you need to enter. If you see a "Fix" button for the account, you can resolve the error by following these instructions

3.  If you closed your account for any reason (this can happen if you’ve had a card lost or stolen, or if a card expired), you’ll need to re-link your new account. If your log in credentials have changed, you will need to update those credentials on LearnVest to get your account to update.

4. It's also possible that we are no longer able to support your account on LearnVest. Changes to the account's website or security/login process can cause this to happen.

If we no longer support your account, the best thing to do is to add your account as a manual account. When you manually add an account you are adding the balance of an account without connecting it dynamically. You can do this by going to your Accounts tab, clicking "connect an account" and then clicking "manually add account".  You can see more details here.

You can also add transactions manually by clicking on the "Add Cash" button in the Inbox tab. Although these transactions won't be associated with the account, you can update the balance of the manually added account to reflect any money coming in or going out. 

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