How do Priority Goals work?

Last Updated: Jan 13, 2015 04:18PM EST
For help setting up a priority goal, click here.

After you've set up your Priority Goals, you'll need to organize your payment and deposit transactions to the folders in this section. If you transfer money between accounts, remember to use the transfers folder so you don't artificially go over budget. 

Your Priority Goal folders are designed with special rules to cancel out transactions that might throw off your budget. 

When you create a Priority Goal, it tracks progress that you're making on that account such as paying your credit card, contributing to savings, or submitting a loan payment. When you make any sort of payment or contribution to your Priority Goal account, the transaction will appear in LearnVest as green - or, as a credit to the account.

On the flip side of this Priority Goal account is your “paid from” account. This is frequently a checking account or other similar type of account from which you pay bills or make transfers. When you contribute to a Priority Goal, you'll see that amount reflected in the paid from account and the transaction will appear as black - or, as a debit from the account.

In order to make sure that your Priority Goals properly account for your contributions to the goal, you'll need to folder both the green and black transactions within the same Priority Goal folder. While this may seem like they will cancel each other out, they won't. Priority Goals only track the green transactions you see within LearnVest. We folder the black transactions in the same location because if you were to folder the transaction into a regular expense folder (in either fixed or flex spending), it would double count it within your budget.

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